Industrial Designer from Colombia with a huge passion for creative design. I'm a curious person by nature, with an eye for detail and desire to solve problems in different ways. I believe in finding inspiration in everything that surrounds us.

I love toys, cars and making scale models. I believe toys are essential for a child's proper development. Through toys, children get to discover different shapes, colors, textures and even tastes. Having a 3D object in our hands takes everything to a whole new level, and what we are able to do with that object, is always open to our imagination.

Making scale models is something I find rather fascinating. Cutting, gluing, putting things together and turning them into something solid, is very satisfying no matter the scale.

Besides being passionate about design, I also have an affinity for sports especially Football ("soccer"). I always try to think of ways to mix design with sports, whether is a sports set, products or graphics. I also have a passion for photography and travelling.